Suzhou First Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd
NO. 70 Xinxing Road, NO.7 Bridge, Chengbei Dong Road, Suzhou.
Tel:0086-512-65570088 65570078

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Suzhou First Packing Machinery is located at Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, the Yangtze River Delta, which enjoys advantageous geographical position, convenient transport, developed economy, rich products and the birth of heroes bringing glory to a place.

The company engages in development manufacturing and sales of metallic packing and can manufacturing equipment. With matured products, advanced  technology, we serve the metallic can manufacturing industry with our best endeavor. We possess a lot of engineers for R&D,the staff for commissioning and production technicians. With the prerequisites of quality first, customers foremost, the first rate service, advanced technology from China and other countries are introduced and absorbed, the company is absorbed in technology innovation and product improvement. The welding machines and spot welding machines for can body are widely used for tin plate printing can manufacturing, food, petroleum, chemical industry, paint, coating, electronic vessel, artwork and other industries and receives customers’ praise.

We alaways provide The company is willing to cooperate with friends in all circles and create bright future!

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